Camfil APC

Product Offerings

About Camfil APC

Dry Dust & Fume Collection

  • Industrial Centralized System
  • Bag-in Bag-out for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Portable systems
  • High Vacuum Systems
  • Vortex & Venturi Wet Scrubbers
  • OEM & Retrofit Dust Collector Filters
  • Self-Dumping Hoppers
  • Electronic Controllers

Machining Mist Collection

  • Point of Use
  • Centralized System

Explosion Protection Systems

  • Explosion Vents
  • Explosion Isolation Valves
  • Safety Monitoring Filters
  • Dust Testing

At Camfil APC, we believe breathing clean air is a human right. By offering a wide range of dust, fume and mist collectors, we are able to provide clean air to the workplace, improving the health and safety of employees. In addition to improving the lives of factory workers, our products can improve the quality of local outside air, contributing to a healthier environment for our loved ones. Whether our product or a competitor, we manufacture replacement filters for virtually any brand of dust collector.

Camfil APC manufactures industrial dust collectors for manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical suits, metal shops and mines. From dust and fume collection to mist extraction, we cover a wide variety of applications. We provide products and expertise all over the world. We currently operate five factories on three continents. Camfil APC has been building industry leading dust collectors that looks like a safe because they are built like a safe. Let us show you the Camfil difference today.