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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

  • Gearless Altra-Air Sailfin
  • Geared Altra-Air Sailfin
  • Jazz Fans
  • Alite 3 Fans

Power Ventilation Fans

  • Absolute Air

Envira-North Systems Ltd. brings over 50 years of worldwide ventilation expertise to each project. We  recognizes that saving energy is a top priority in today’s economic and social environment. We have established ourselves by providing quality products accompanied by the best after-sales service in the industry. Our products and systems enable your building to perform better; save on heating, cooling, mechanical operating costs, and provide a healthier environment for the occupants of the structure.

Our mission is to continually develop, and provide quality, cost efficient, ventilation solutions for the occupants of large structures around the globe. Installations include hangars, warehouses, hockey rinks, shopping malls, distribution centers, office buildings, dairy farms, or any other facility with high ceilings. Learn more about our great products below.  

The Sailfin Blade Advantage

  • Eliminates tip stalling; the primary cause of blade noise and damaging vibration.
  • Quiet speed and efficient operation, no annoying high-speed circulating and exhaust fan noise.
  • Angle of attack up to 23°.


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