Continuing Education

Earn professional engineering credits by attending one of our upcoming seminars. Each seminar runs one hour and is focused strictly on the title topic. Guest speakers are specialist in their field. Best of all, these training’s are online and accessible by anyone. Sign up and increase your industry knowledge today!

Upcoming Events

Unfortunately there are no upcoming training’s scheduled at this tiem.

  • Please check back soon, or send us an email requesting to be notified of upcoming events.

Past Events

Dust Collection Basics

Presented Wednesday, April 28, 2021  1 Hour

Fan Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Presented Thursday, April 22, 2021  1.5 Hour

Fan System Effect

Presented Thursday, April 15, 2021  1.5 Hour

Balance & Vibration

Presented Thursday, April 1, 2021  1.5 Hour

Fundamentals of Airflow

Presented Thursday, March 18, 2021  1.5 Hour

Biofiltration Basics

Presented Wednesday, March 24, 2021  1 Hour

Selecting the Right Fan

Presented Thursday, March 25, 2021  PT  1.5 Hour

Thermal Oxidizer Basics

 1 Hour

Industrial Ventilation Design

 1 Hour

Wet Scrubber Basics

 1 Hour

Cyclone Fundamentals

 1 Hour

Fan Installation, Operation, & Maintenance

 40 Minutes

Selecting the Correct Fan

 1 Hour

Fan Sound

 1 Hour