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  • Vaneaxial/ Tubeaxial
  • Fiberglass Fans
  • Propeller Wall Fans
  • Roof Ventilators
  • Filtered Supply
  • Pressure Blowers
  • Radial Bladed
  • Plug & Plenum
  • Inline Centrifugal¬†
  • Mixed Flow
  • Mancoolers
  • Air Make-up Units
  • OEM Products
  • Replacement Parts
  • Fan Retrofits


  • Fan Testing
  • Field Services

As a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality industrial air moving equipment, Aerovent sets the industry standard. Our broad range of technologies and expertise allow us to provide the most innovative and efficient air moving and ventilation products on the market.

Our experienced team combines a unique skill set and craftsmanship to build the best fans possible. By utilizing the highest quality materials and the most advanced equipment and manufacturing techniques, our product quality is unsurpassed in the air moving industry. We operate eight manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and strive for the highest quality at every step of the manufacturing process. Since 1932, we have completed thousands of successful installations worldwide and have a proven track record for tackling the most technically complex and unique applications.