Fox Equipment

Product Offerings

About Fox Equipment

Steel Stacks

Fabric Expansion Joints

Silencers & Sound Enclosures


  • Radial Vane
  • Wafer/ Butterfly
  • Stack Isolation
  • Poppet
  • Tuned Mass
  • Louver
    • Parallel Blade
    • Opposed Blade
    • Zero Leak Double
    • Zero Leak Tandem
  • Guillotine/ Slide Gate
    • Low Leak Slide Gate
    • Zero Leak Slide Gate
  • Diverter
    • Louver
    • Flap
    • Tee


  • Damper Linkages
  • Expansion Joint Belt Repair/ Splice Kits
  • Fabric Expansion Joint Belts
  • Fabric Joints over Existing Metal Joints
  • Equipment Skids
  • Actuators


  • Stack Engineering
  • Stack Design Consulting
  • Inspection & Maintenance Guidance
  • Noise Consulting
  • Duct Flow Optimization

For over Forty years the name Fox Equipment has been synonymous with quality and engineering excellence in the Damper and Expansion Joint Industry. In 2019 this product offering was expanded to provide custom engineered Steel Stacks, Tuned Mass Dampers, Performance Ductwork and Consulting services through the acquisition of Industrial Environmental Systems, Inc. (IES). This acquisition brought twenty years of knowledge and experience to make Fox Equipment the specialists you have come to know and love.

With over 90,000 SqFt of manufacturing facility in addition to the numerous long-term strategic partners, Fox Equipment has the resources to handle builds of any scale with quick lead times. We carry on the tradition of supplying quality and service to every customer we work with. When it comes to control or isolation of your process gas, there is one name you can always count on Fox Equipment.