dB Noise Reduction

Product Offerings

About dB Noise Reduction

Industrial Silencers

  • Rectangular
    • Elbow
    • Inlet Box
    • Acoustical Louvers
  • Circular
    • Parallel Baffle
    • Angular Ring
    • Fan Inlet/ Discharge
  • Motor
  • Stack
  • PD Blower

Industrial Mufflers

  • Reactive
  • Reactive Absorptive
  • Absorptive

Vent Silencers

  • Reactive Absorptive

Flexible Connectors

  • Round or Circular
    • EPDM or PTFE
  • Acoustic
    • EPDM or PTFE

Noise Panels & Enclosures

  • Heavy Duty Soundproofing Blankets
  • Architectural Noise Barriers

Other Products

  • Rectangular Weather Hoods & Cowls
  • Circular Weather Hoods & Cowls
  • Turbine Filter Boxes

At dB Noise Reduction our team has the hands-on experience to analyze complicated noise control problems and coming up with feasible solutions that can be implemented economically. Our production team is structure to execute projects from $100, to $1 million in size.

Every industry and noise reduction application has unique noise control requirements typically with extensive product specifications and quality control requirements. Our line of products have been carefully designed to meet these specifications. At dB Noise Reduction Inc. we are committed to every aspect of your project to ensure both you and you project are successful.

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