Sound Attenuation

Sound Attenuation

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Design, Engineering & Manufacturing of Steam Boiler Blowoff Silencers, Gas and Steam Turbine Enclosures and Silencers, Diesel Generator Enclosures and Sound Rooms, Fan Silencers, Piezometer Tubes, Air Filters and Accessories, Acoustic Weather-proof Louvers, Compressor Enclosures and Portable Personnel Rooms, Acoustic Control Rooms, Noisy Chimney Stack Stuffers, Sound Proof Impact Resistant Doors, Sound Proof Impact Resistant Windows, Electric Motor Silencers, Coal Mine Ventilating Shaft Silencers, Sound Walls and Highway Barriers, Jet Engine Test Cell Acoustic Treatment and Augmenters, Industrial and Commercial Air- Conditioning Equipment and Duct Treatment, Water Cooling Tower Treatment.

Available Upon Request: Fan Silencer Design Software, Technical Catalogs, Certified Welding Procedures and Quality Control Procedure Manuals.


dB Noise Reduction


dB Noise Reduction provides cost effective silencing solutions for all of your fan applications

The wide variety and number of fans and blowers used in industrial processes and ventilation applications today represent one of the leading contributors of noise related issues, in terms of worker health and safety, and satisfying environmental regulations.

Most often, it is necessary to silence the side of the fan that is open to atmosphere, requiring the use of inlet or outlet fan silencers.

dB Noise Reduction offers a number of different absorptive designs for use on fan inlets and outlets of every type and size. We specifically select fan silencers to meet the noise reduction needs of the application, taking pressure drop and space limitations into consideration.

dB Noise Reduction fan silencers feature

  • Fan silencers sized to exactly fit your fan
  • No transitions or plenums required
  • Fan silencer inlet and discharge connections configured to minimize “system effect”
  • Aerodynamic nose design and tapered tails to minimize pressure drop
  • Double the number of silencer baffle configurations available for more precise matching of fan silencers to applications
  • An extensive list of design options and accessories to customize your silencer


Fibersonic Silencers

DP Wilson Logo (750x525)

Fibersonic silencers are made of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester and can be used in corrosive air streams that prevent the use of standard metal silencers. Designed for use in waste water treatment plant exhaust systems where sound control is as essential to the environment as pollution control.  Silencers are tested for insertion loss, self-noise and pressure drop in a NVLAP accredited acoustical laboratory in full accordance with ASTM E477.  Available in sizes up to 72” ID and 144” length.